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The way
to meet your consultant business challenges

Every consultant company has their unique business challenges.
Bizzcoo focuses on the three most common to give you a smoother work-life.

Bizzcoo is here to help, and we love when you challenge us with your challenges!


Challenge No. 1

Do you lack easy access to all your consultant's CVs?

  • Quickly finding an available consultant with the right set of skills is hard if you do not have easy, fast, and accurate access to all available consultant CVs within your company.
Challenge No. 2

Do you lack an overview of assignment & consultant status?

To have an overview of assignments and the consultant’s statuses, together with quality forecasts are critical to increasing the efficiency of a consultant business.
Challenge No. 3

Do you want to grow with a subcontractor network?

Do you get more inquiries than you can handle, and need to find more skilled consultants? A subcontractor network will let you grow your business potential.

Bizzcoo makes work-life easier at:

Mix modules to match your consultant business needs

Bizzcoo is developed and designed to meet the processes and needs of a consultant business. Both on a strategic level but even more important; to make your everyday work smarter and smoother. 


Bizzcoo app view green light back



Bizz Profile

Helps you manage and access all consultant CVs. Easy to create client unique shareable offers with one or more consultant CVs.


Bizzcoo Bizz Profile CV view


Bizz Planner

Helps you manage assignments and consultant status. Get an overview of your customer's current and future activities. And much more...


Bizzcoo Bizz Planner overview assignments


Bizz Subcontractor

Maximize your business potential by adding a subcontractor network. Manage and share subcontractors as part of your network. 


Bizzcoo Bizz Profile Subcontractor selected profiles


See Bizzcoo in action

Or challenge us with your needs and let us see how we can help you. 

People Say

"Our need was a user-friendly solution with easy onboarding. During the Bizzcoo demo, we immediately saw that it was easy to use and self-evident to work with. Already during the first internal demo, our team members understand and could start to use the solution."


Carl-Johan Nordh
Business Unit Manager | Zington AB

"With Bizzcoo we get the platform we need to extend our business with providing the best consultant to our customers. For us Customizable CV:s and templates with our brand is an important feature"

Torbjörn Höjer COO Tolpagorni Bizzcoo

Torbjörn Höjer
COO | Tolpagorni

Tillväxtvärk och hög beläggningsgrad - hur löser konsultbolag det enkelt? Bizz Planner

Tillväxtvärk och hög beläggningsgrad - hur löser konsultbolag det enkelt?

Bizz Planner har data för realtid, historik och prognos samlat i ett verktyg Bizz Planner

Tre dimensioner: Nuläge, prognos och historik...

Bizz Lab: Trender som utvecklar konsultbolag Förbättningspotential

Bizz Lab: Trender som utvecklar konsultbolag

Get to know Bizzcoo

Every consultant company has its unique business challenges. The best way for you to see how Bizzcoo meets your needs is to book a demo.
Book a video meeting with one of our sales managers to get a brief introduction to Bizzcoo.
  • Choose a time that suits you in the calendar.
  • Next, specify if you want a general Bizzcoo demo or a more specific deep dive of one or more of our modules.

Bizzcoo is here to help, and we love when you challenge us with your challenges!


We are looking forward to talking to you!