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Do you have a question about how to use Bizzcoo? Then you found the right place. 

Bizzcoo support button
You can get support during office hours. Ask your question in the chatbot in the right bottom corner. 

FAQ Company Settings

How do I set up our company account? (CO)

Can I add a new unit to my Organization? (CO)

FAQ My Organization

How do I add a new employee/manager? (CO/CM/TM)

How do I change user permission for an employee? (CO/CM/TM)

How do I change a manager for an employee? (CO/CM/TM)

How do I manage subscriptions? (CO/CM/TM)

How do I move an employee/manager to another team or unit? (CO/CM/TM)

How do I grant a user access to a team​? (CO/CM/TM)

FAQ User roles and permissions

What types of user permissions do you have? (CO/CM/TM)

How do I select the right permission for my employee? (CO/CM/TM)

Choose which permissions that will be selectable for your company (CO)

Are the user permissions fixed or can I create other permissions? (CO)

FAQ Trouble Shouting

I cannot login, why? (All roles)

When I login I can´t access anything, why? (All roles)

Why can't I see or access my profile or the team? (All roles)

How do I change an emailadress? (All roles)

I am trying to add a user in My Organization with no success (CO/CM/TM)

FAQ Plans & Subscriptions

Can I upgrade Bizzcoo just for myself or the team, instead of upgrading everyone in Bizzcoo? (TM/CO)

Can we change price plan during our agreement? (CO)

What are my payment options? (CO)

We want to add new users to our team. How will that be billed? (CO)

My team wants to cancel its subscription. How do we do that? Can we get a refund? (CO)

FAQ Bizz Profile

How to Videos for Bizz Profile (All roles)

How do I download a CV? (All roles)

Can I have different versions of my own profile in Bizzcoo? (All roles)

Can I edit a CV so it does not effect the main profiles? (All roles)

FAQ Bizz Planner

How to Videos for Bizz Planner (All roles)

How do I add or manage activities? (All roles)

Can I plan activities or leads without assigning a consultant? (CO/CM/TM)

FAQ Bizz Network

How to manually add a user to your Network (CO/TM)

Why can't I see the consultant in the Planner module? (CO/TM)

Why can't I see or access the network? (CO/TM)

Can I change a user from network to employee? (CO/TM)