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The Founders

To be able to meet the never-ending competence need and in a much faster-moving world than before, we need to manage consultancy business in a much better way than before.


Mats Kroona Founder CEO Bizzcoo

Mats Kroona

Co-founder & CEO

Hardcore downhill skier & business-wise guy. With more than 20 years of experience in business development in the consultancy industry, in various leading positions. Mats most recently worked as a customer manager in one of Nordic's largest consultant companies in the financial sector.
Madeleine Söderman Founder Bizzcoo

Madeleine Söderman

Co-founder & COO

Book-loving outdoor freak & with a make-it-happen-for-real attitude. Madeleine has extensive experience in leading development organizations in many countries like Sweden, China, and Canada. Before starting Bizzcoo, Madeleine had her own company working as a Senior Consultant in IT.

"We are building the system we wish we had working in the consulting industry. A SaaS platform that adapt to new business models and collaborations."


The founders have seen the challenges from all perspectives, both the consultant perspective as freelancers and employed by consultant company, as well as from the enterprise side with urgent need of competencies.

Based on the their experiences of how the consulting business works, the future trends and the lack of flexible and supportive systems working in practice, Mats and Madeleine started Bizzcoo.


The Team

We mix and match to find our dream team. We strongly believe that regardless employee or consultant you are a part of our family.


Petra Ranhem CMO Marketing Bizzcoo

Petra Ranhem


Mikaela Gernandt

Mikaela Gernandt

Customer Success Manager


James Stikå

Digital Marketing Intern

Join our team

We are always looking for new people with a passion for SaaS, Consultant industry, and building business.