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Let´s get started with Bizzcoo

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You can get support during office hours. Ask your question in the chatbot in the right bottom corner. 

Get Started with Bizzcoo

This is a step-by-step guide to set up and get started with the Bizzcoo platform and the different modules.

  • Bizz Profile.
  • Bizz Planner.
  • Bizz Subcontractor.
Each step can involve one or more roles:
  • Company Owner. (CO)
  • Company Manager. (CM)
  • Team Manager. (TM)
  • User/Consultant. (C)

For a more deep description of the different roles, you can just read more under Roles & Permissions

Bizzcoo Bizz Planner Statistic view no 1

How to login

Create an account and log in for the first time. (All roles)

Go to

  • Click on Sign In – top right in the head navigation.
  • Click on Start setup here
    • Add your company email address. 
    • Choose a password.
  • Save password.
  • Lastly, verify your email. Check your inbox and confirm your account to enable login.

Note: The password must have a minimum of 8 characters and include: numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters.


Get Started - Company Owner (CO) or Company Manager (CM)

STEP 1: Set up your company in Bizzcoo (CO/CM)

STEP 2: Customise to match your company (CO)

STEP 3: Customise Bizz Profile (CO)

STEP 4: Customise Bizz Planner (CO)

STEP 5: Customise Bizz Subcontractor (CO)

STEP 6: Invite your company (CO/CM)

STEP 6a: Add employees (CO/CM)

STEP 6b: Update licenses (CO/CM)

Get Started - Team Manager

STEP 1: Invite your team

STEP 1a: Add employees

STEP 1b: Add licenses

STEP 2: Update your profile

STEP 3 (Optional): Clone your profile to create different versions or "Roles" of your CV

Get Started - Consultant

STEP 1: Create Profile

STEP 2: Update your profile

STEP 3 (Optional): Clone your profile to create different versions or "Roles" of your CV

Get Started with Bizz Profile

Bizzcoo Bizz Profile CV view

How to Videos for Bizz Profile

How do I manage skills into categories? (CO/CM/TM)

How do I download a CV? (All roles)

How do I save different versions of a CV? (All roles)


Set up your Company in Bizzcoo

Get Started with Bizz Planner

Bizzcoo Bizz Planner overview assignments

How to Videos for Bizz Planner

How do I add Customers? (CO/CM/TM)

How do I add or manage activities? (CO/TM)

Can I plan activities or leads without assigning a consultant? (CO/TM)